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What’s the size of your ring?
If you have a ring in the right size, use it as a reference.

Download and print the chart
Use the printed chart to determine the size of your rings

Attention: To ensure that the measurement is correct the user should print it at scale of 100%

How the chart works
Follow the instructions bellow and you’ll know the measurement of your ring.

Download the chart
Download here

Print the PDF at 100%

Use a ring that fits you to use as a reference

Place the ring above the the circumferences and see the size it fits

I don’t have a ring
If you don’t have a ring, we have another easy measurement alternative.

1 -
Put a thread around your finger

2 -
Make a knot with it in a way that it’s not too tight or too loose

3 -
Cut the thread and measure it with a ruler

4 -
Use the chart (above) to figure out the measurement