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MRJOIAS is a Portuguese family business with 3 generations. The founding store is located in the Boavista area (Porto District), it was established in 1983 by Maria Manuela Rodrigues. Currently her daughter Cristina Rodrigues and granddaughters Catarina and Carminho are ahead of the brand, preserving the tradition and the irreverence of the pieces and their manufacturing processes.

At MRJOIAS we are a family. As such, we value the relationships we have with our family members and treat them with care and respect, be them our co-workers, suppliers or clients.  Our clients are, as all families, demanding. They share our interest in fashion, are up to date with worldwide trends and like to be the first ones to have access to those trends. They are one of our main boosters and drive us to always be ahead.

For the last 40 years, our mission has been to discover new brands and create pieces with quality, differentiation and exclusivity. As well as to provide a personalized customer service  to serve our clients.

For that, we strive daily to curate a selective and cared selection that reflects the emerging trends, without compromising the timelessness of the pieces.
We are proud to work with brands that share our values and whose products complement ours, allowing us to deliver a harmonious collection. Consequently we are able to give to our clients the best the world has to offer in one place.

In 2015, our mission and concept was extended to the clothing and other accessories’ segment, with the opening of our 2nd store - DOWNTOWN BY MRJOIAS (Downtown Porto).

Name: MRJOIAS de Maria Manuela Rodrigues Lda
VAT nº: 502 150 050
CAE (Principal): 47770 - Comércio de Jóias e Artigos de Ourivesaria
CAE (Secundária): 47910 - Comércio a Retalho por Correspondência ou via Internet
Title Activity nº: nº T2928, Retalhista de Ourivesaria - Site